Housing & Economic Development Department

The Department of Housing and Economic Development manages the planning and development activities of the City government and offers a variety of programs and services, ranging from developing affordable housing to recruiting businesses.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Housing & Economic Development is to improve the physical and economic condition of the City of Trenton by providing better housing for the City’s people, fostering the City’s economic development and growth by creating jobs and business opportunities, improving the quality of life in the City through enlightened land use regulation and historic preservation, and by furthering the redevelopment and revitalization of the City’s neighborhoods and communities.

The Department seeks to carry out this mission through efforts that encourage the residents of the City to participate in the framing of decisions and the implementation of programs and projects, and which are sensitive to the needs of the City’s communities and individuals.


  • Advise and assist the Mayor and the Council in regard to the physical planning and public improvement aspects of all matters related to the development of the City.
  • Provide staff assistance to the Planning Board in all matters under its jurisdiction.
  • Conduct continuous studies and collect statistical and other data to serve as the basis for planning recommendations.
  • Study the operation and effect of land use controls and their administration within the City and report thereon to the Mayor and Council.
  • Develop and administer programs and activities for the rehabilitation of housing and the conservation of neighborhoods.
  • Promote the City's economic development through the retention and expansion of existing businesses and the attraction of new businesses; and be responsible for coordinating the design and construction of City-funded facilities and recreational sites.