About the Division of Planning

The Division of Planning aims to promote sustainable communities, strategic growth, transit-oriented development, and comprehensive, consensus-based planning for our City, as well as establishing policies and zoning regulations applicable citywide for assurance of orderly and coordinated development. It supports the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustments with technical assistance by reviewing all development requests and making recommendations to such Boards.

The Division seeks to empower citizens to take an active role and be effective in shaping the future of their neighborhoods and of Trenton.

The Division of Planning also looks to establish and maintain relationships with State, Regional, County and surrounding municipal agencies. It also looks to maintain relationships with other City agencies, area developers and businesses, community organizations, and other interested parties that seek smart strategic development. The Division of Planning’s work can be categorized as the following.

Short & Long-Range Planning

  • Development and implementation of the long-range citywide Master Plan and all associated elements and plans
  • Prepare and execute surveys, data compilation, investigations and analyses needed to inform the Master Plan and land use policies
  • Prepare periodic reports that measures the City’s progress and its ability to obtain the community’s vision stated within the Master Plan
  • Interpret and stimulate public interest in planning activities
  • Develop and provide maps related to plans, studies, and reports
  • Provide the public with planning-related data
  • Grant application and technical assistance application submittals to advance planning work
  • Preserving the City’s unique heritage and architecture

Functional Planning & Policy

Among our tasks we produce functional plans that address systems or policies, such as circulation, historic preservation and housing.

Project & Site Development

  • Meet with prospective developers and property owners to provide direction on projects proposed.
  • Review and make recommendations to Planning and Zoning Boards of all Project and Site Development applications
  • Comply and enforce Zoning Codes, land subdivision requirements, environmental regulations, and other City and State development controls.