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Public Information Center

The City of Trenton, in coordination with the Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission and the New Jersey Department of Transportation, is holding a Public Information Center (PIC) on April 22, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. At the PIC, the City will present a set of alternatives aimed at making the Trenton Transit Center a true multi-modal hub and allowing for safe access and connections, particularly for bicycles and pedestrians to, from, and through the Transit Center area. 

To join the public meetings as an attendee, please click the link below during scheduled date and time of the Planning Board meetings.

At the Public Information Center, attendees will be able to provide input on the proposed alternatives. More specifically, the City will be looking for public input/feedback on: 

  • Reclaiming excess roadway capacity in the vicinity of the Transit Center, particularly on Market Street, to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities and enhance connectivity and safety. 
  • Encouraging more people to walk or bike rather than drive to the Transit Center through a road diet with protected bike lanes, wider sidewalks, shorter crossing distances, enhanced pedestrian visibility, etc. 
  • Creating a pedestrian/bicycle/transit-only corridor on S Clinton Avenue between Market Street and Barlow Street/Wallenberg Avenue.
  • On-street parking vs. bike lanes on narrow roads like Clinton Avenue and State Street.
  • The effects of changes to pick-up and drop-off areas on transit transfers.
  • Other ways of encouraging pedestrian and bicycle access to/through the Transit Center area including bike share, e-scooters, protected/sheltered bike parking, enhanced connections to other areas of the city, etc.

The alternatives were developed as part of an on-going Local Concept Development Study that is looking at ways to improve safety and mobility, particularly for bicycles, pedestrians, and other non-auto modes, to, from and through the Transit Center area. The City needs help from the public in selecting a preferred alternative that will be moved forward into Preliminary Engineering and Final Design and eventually construction.

The Concept Development Study is incorporating recommendations from the 2006 Trenton Station Linkage Plan and Trenton 250 Master Plan Circulation Element. The selection of preferred alternative is a critical step in securing funding for improvements and the City is working with the New Jersey Department of Transportation to ensure that the selected alternative will be placed on the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP).