Division of Real Estate & Property Management

The City must comply with specific procedures established by State law in order to sell the property that it owns. These procedures provide for a variety of means by which City-owned property may be sold, depending on its location, size and other factors. The following is a description of the most common ways in which property is sold by the City.

  1. Josie Pabon

    Real Estate Manager

  1. Sales
  2. No Public Bidding
  3. Pricing
  4. Restrictions

Public Sale

The City periodically holds public auctions, in which members of the public may bid to purchase City-owned properties. The purpose of the auctions is to make certain City-owned properties available for purchase by qualified parties interested in rehabilitating them and returning them to the City’s tax rolls. Auctions typically include both residential and commercial properties, as well as vacant lots. City real estate auctions are advertised on the City's website, and provide a link for required pre-registration.

You may contact the Department of Housing and Economic Development to obtain information about the next scheduled auction. If the City-owned property you are interested in purchasing is not included in an upcoming auction, you may make a written request to include the property in the next auction.