Division of Technical Services

This Division, under the supervision of the Construction Official, consists of building, electrical, plumbing, fire, elevator and zoning inspections. Other services of the Technical Services Division include Weights and Measures.


The Division is responsible for enforcement of the Uniform Construction Code of the State of New Jersey and the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey, which governs all construction, alteration, repair or demolition of property. Permits for all building, plumbing, electrical and fire protection work are issued from this office. The Division reviews all plans for new construction or alterations to existing structures. Further, Division personnel also conduct the semi annual and annual inspection of all elevator devices

Planning Requirements

Persons contemplating major renovation projects or a change of use of their property are encouraged to contact the Project Application Review Committee (PARC) for information regarding Planning and Zoning requirements as well as the regulations for Building, Electric, Fire and Plumbing Codes. If information is required regarding a specific permit for renovations to a home or office, please feel free to contact each of the sub-codes:

  • Building Phone: 609-989-3571
  • Electric Phone: 609-989-3587
  • Fire Phone: 609-989-3555
  • Plumbing Phone: 609-989-3546
  • Weights and Measures Phone: 609-989-3282
  • Zoning Phone: 609-989-3549

Contractor Registration

Please be reminded that home improvement contractors must be registered with the State of New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. View the consumer affairs website. You may verify that a contractor is registered by calling the Division at 609-989-3540. Plumbers, electricians and sub contractors who install fire protection equipment and systems are licensed by the State of New Jersey and should have the appropriate license available for your review.

Work Permits

The purpose of a permit is to ensure that all work is performed in compliance with the required regulations. Depending on the extent of the work being done, an inspector may check on the jobs at various stages during construction. When all work is done a final inspection is performed and a certificate is issued by this Division indicating that the work was completed properly. A copy of this is provided to the owner of the property.

Single trade permits are issued within 48 hours. If you have applied for a permit, you may check on the availability by calling 609-989-3550.

Plan Submission

All new construction and many renovation projects require architectural or engineering drawings or plans be submitted and approved before the permit can be issued. All drawings and plans submitted are reviewed by Building, Electric, Fire and Plumbing technical personnel. Therefore, please allow sufficient time for this process to be completed. 

A minimum of 20 working days is required for the first review of new plans and 7 to 10 working days for revised plan review. Questions concerning the need for plans or drawings can be directed to 609-989-3571. For information on the status of plans or drawings submitted for review, please call 609-989-3545.

Rule Enforcement

In addition, the Division is responsible for the enforcement of regulations covered under the General Ordinances of the City. This regulates among other items, unsafe structures and equipment. If you have knowledge of such situations, please contact the Division at 609-989-3552 for immediate assistance.

Zoning Office & Zoning Board of Adjustment

The Zoning office is responsible for enforcing all regulations on land use. This determines the legal use of any property. Appeals to the determination of the Zoning Office are made to the Zoning Board of Adjustment. View a zoning map (PDF).

Any question concerning the legal use of a property or for an application to the Board please contact the Zoning Officer at 609-989-3549.

Weights & Measures

The Weights and Measures Office oversees all commodity packaging, scale and dispensing machine accuracy in:

  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • Heating oil delivery trucks
  • Jewelry stores
  • Taxi meters

The Superintendent of Weights and Measures is available to answer your questions or to accept complaints at 609-989-3282.