Water Treatment

How Water is Treated

Water is acquired from the Delaware River and then processed in our state-of-the-art treatment facilities. The entire process is continuously monitored and analyzed by skilled technicians who perform chemical and biological tests to ensure consistent high quality and regulatory compliance. The fresh clean water is then ready to be delivered to homes and businesses for consumption. We continuously monitor water quality at our Water Filtration Plant. We also test the water quality after it leaves our plant by sampling water at more than 75 sites each week from locations throughout our service territory.”

Because surface water is more vulnerable to pollution, it requires a more complex treatment process. In the plant, the water is aerated to release any volatile gases. Next, coagulating agents clump small particles together that are then settled out of the water. During the sedimentation process, remaining particles are filtered to the bottom of a mazelike settling tank. The water is then sent through long tanks with filters made of gravel, sand, or granulated activated carbon to remove additional particles and bacteria. Finally, chlorination or other disinfectants kill any remaining microbes.