Water & Sewer Department


333 Cortland Street
Trenton, NJ 08638


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Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adams, Greg Supervisor Public Works/Facility Manager   609-989-3227  
Ashford, Jennifer Payroll 609-989-3214  
Brown, Rasheeda Senior Account Clerk 609-989-3447  
Corado-Lemus, Yaritza Bilingual Administrative Secretary 609-989-3346  
Esquivel, Ruby Messenger 609-989-3208  
Garrett, Joan Budget Officer 609-989-3385  
Jamison, Sharee Keyboarding  Clerk I 609-989-3206  
Kelly, Maria Assistant Municipal Attorney 609-989-3511  
Ponton, David Account Clerk 609-989-3231  
Walker, Michael Community Relations/Chief of Communications 609-989-3207  

Construction & Maintenance 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Conte, Ralph Warehouse Supervisor 609-989-3228  
Johnson, Edmund Water Superintendent 609-989-3222  
Juber, Aya Radio Dispatcher/Keyboarding Clerk 2 609-989-3442  
Lugo, Cesar Supervising Mechanic 609-989-3234  
Meyers, Tyrone General Supervisor 609-989-3229  
Segura-Cruz, Reina Principal Engineer 609-989-3334  
Semple, Sean Supervising Engineer 609-989-3211  
Smith, Dorothea Senior Clerk/Radio Dispatcher 609-989-3309  
Thomas, Gary General Supervisor 609-989-3223  



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cardaciotto, John Water System Distribution Technician 609-989-3813  
Cotto, Jose Water Repairer II 609-989-3444  
De La Puente, Noemi Principal Engineer 609-989-3149  
London, Tim Water System Distribution Technician 609-989-3235  
Paden, Latisha Keyboarding  Clerk I 609-989-3822  
Holmes, PE, Scott D. Supervising Engineer 609-989-3672  
Scardone, Steven Water Repairer II 609-989-3245  
Smith, David Chief Engineer 609-989-3208  
Warren, Rick Water Repairer II 609-989-3212  
White, Joel Water System Distribution Technician 609-989-3209  

Finance & Technology 


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Brooks, Carolyn Senior Accountant 609-989-3440  
Chestnut, Mary Customer Service Representative 609-989-3842  
Customer, Service     609-989-3129 / 3840 / 3842 / 3130 / 2174 / 3144 / 3839  
Gallon, Lori Senior Administrative Analyst 609-989-3449  
Hood, Willie Senior Systems Analyst 609-989-3132  
Jones, Amaris Customer Service Representative 609-989-3129  
Jones, Annette Customer Service Representative 609-989-3144  
Leonard-Salaam, Zelarie Customer Service Representative 609-989-3445  
Muse, Kim Supervisor Customer Service, Billing & Delinquency 609-989-3824  
Nazario, Dianabel Customer Service Representative 609-989-3842  
Smith, Donetta Supervisor Customer Service, Contact Center 609-989-3378  
White-Salter, Deborah Assistant Supervisor Customer Service 609-989-3143  
Williams, Evonne Customer Service Representative 609-989-3130  

TWW, C&M Storehouse & Garage Manager 

333 Cortland Street
Trenton, NJ 08638

Trenton, NJ 08618


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Cassarini, John Supervising Engineer 609-989-3222  



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Alessi, Jr. , Joseph Assistant General Supervisor, Water Meter Repair   609-989-3292  
Callahan, Melissa Account Clerk 609-989-3606  
Douglas, Gwendolyn Radio Dispatcher/Keyboarding Clerk 2 609-989-3608  
Dyton, Tanisha Radio Dispatcher/Sr Clerk Typist 609-989-3225  
Kaminski, Paula Radio Dispatcher/ Principal Clerk Typist 609-989-3268  
Leonard, Diane Radio Dispatcher/Keyboarding Clerk 2 609-989-3225  
Patten, Nicole Radio Dispatcher/Keyboarding Clerk 2 609-989-3226  
Rogers, Keith General Supervisor Water Meter Repair 609-989-3224  
Rainey, Eric Supervisor, Water Meter Readers 609-989-3605  

Trenton Sewer Utility 

1502 Lamberton Road
Trenton, NJ 08611


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Allen, James Dispatcher 609-989-3180  
Ghobrial, Dalia Chief of Water Quality 609-989-3068  
Hernandez, Hector Assistant Collection System Superintendent 609-989-3181  
Jacob, George "Jake" Chief Water Pollution Control Officer 609-989-3183  
Jones, Leigh Sewer Plant Superintendent 609-989-3171  
McIntyre, Joseph General Superintendent 609-989-3094  
Santora, Justine Management Assistant 609-989-3093  

Water Filtration Plant 

Route 29 South
Trenton, NJ 08618


Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Best, Eric Chemist 609-989-3379  
Brown-Humphrey, Taya Water Treatment Plant Superintendent 609-989-3213  
Brooks, DiAsia Chief Chemist 609-989-3379  
Concepcion, Dalilia Clerk 609-989-3213  
Guerra, Herminio Lab Tech 609-989-3379  
Ponella, Theresa Senior Engineer Environmental 609-989-3218  
Puliti, John Senior Lab Tech 609-989-3379