Street Paving

The Department of Public Works is committed to maintaining and improving pavement to preserve our City's roadway network. The City of Trenton owns and maintains over 164 miles of paved roadways, some of which are owned by the County and State.

Roads to be paved are evaluated annually based on the City’s pavement management program considering various conditions, frequency of use, and available funding. The 2022 Road Resurfacing Budget is $1.5 million using federal funding from the American Rescue Plan.

Resurfacing is very weather dependent: rain and cool temperatures will delay work and impact the planned schedule for completion.

Upcoming Paving

Williams Street (Cedar Lane to Liberty St.)
Remsen Avenue (Franklin to S. Clinton Ave.)
Franklin Street (Morris Ave to Roebling St)
Woodland Street (Remsen to Cedar Lane)
Fischer Place (Dead End to W. State St.)
Jarvis Place (Dead End to Prospect Ave.)
Riverside Avenue (Dead End to Hermitage Ave.)
Montgomery Place (West End Ave. to Fischer Place)
Overbrook Avenue (Riverside to W. State St.)

Completed Paving

PAVED 2022  
Quinton Avenue (Hamilton Ave. to Liberty St.)
N. Olden Avenue (Princeton Ave. to New York Ave.)
Stuyvesant Avenue (Parkside Ave. to City Limit)
Republic Alley (Revere Ave. to Park Ave.)
Adeline Street (Lalor St. to Cass St.)
Brunswick Avenue (Olden Ave. to Fuld St.)
Fairmont Avenue (Liberty St. to Hamilton Ave.)
Street Paving

The street improvement process involves two phases and four steps:

Preparation phase

Step 1: Removal of the existing top asphalt surface (milling)

Step 2: Setting manholes covers and any roadway base areas

Paving phase

Step 3: New asphalt applied; actual paving of the roadway

Step 4: Laying any line striping and traffic markings

  1. Submit Roads for Paving