How does the Trenton Ethics Board operate?

The Trenton Ethics Board has adopted Rules of Procedure for proceedings under the Code of Ethics. Under the Code and the Rules, the Trenton Ethics Board can initiate a complaint itself, or can act in response to a formal complaint filed by anyone. To learn how to file a complaint, go here.

The Rules of Procedure provide for a preliminary inquiry to determine whether the complaint is within the Board's jurisdiction or frivolous or without any reasonable factual basis. For well-founded complaints, the Board then conducts a formal investigation, which can include a hearing. If the Board determines by two-thirds vote that a violation of the Code of Ethics has been committed, the Board issues a Final Decision and imposes a penalty of not less than $100 nor more than $500. For employees, the Board may recommend that further disciplinary action be taken, including termination.

Thirty days after a complaint has been resolved by Final Order or Notice of Dismissal, the complaint and allied statements or information obtained by the Board are subject to public disclosure.