Administration Department

The Department of Administration and Finance is headed by the Business Administration.  

Mission Statement

The Department interprets, implements, and monitors local, state and federal mandates governing City business operations. The Department provides administrative oversight and support services to the operating departments of the City of Trenton. As guardians of public trust, we strive to affect the optimal operational efficiency of City Government.


The Department of Administration & Finance shall be primarily responsible for the following within the City:

  • Operate an efficient, centralized purchasing operation in compliance with all applicable state law.
  • Prescribe and install uniform forms and procedures for budget preparation by all departments, and assist in the review and analysis of budget requests and in the preparation of the budget document.
  • Administer the City's personnel program, including job classification, pay plan, recruitment, training and other personnel policies, and maintain a complete system of personnel records of municipal officers and employees.
  • Operate a centralized Information Technology Division on behalf of the various departments and coordinate systems of office automation.
  • Administer the City's affirmative action program.
  • Administer an effective program for safety, insurance and loss control for all City departments, including self-insurance programs in all areas deemed appropriate.
  • Administer a grants management program for the City, including, but not limited to, the administration of the Community Development Block Grant Program.
  • Manage telecommunications services on behalf of all City departments.


The Department of Administration and Finance is composed of the: 

Together, these offices provide administrative oversight and support services to the operating Departments of the City of Trenton. For more information regarding the Department please call 609-989-3105.