Inspections Division


319 East State Street
2nd Floor Annex
Trenton, NJ 08608


Link: Inspections Department Page

Monday through Friday
8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone
Beczo, Joe Building Inspector 609-989-3575
Brown, Teddy Housing Inspector 609-989-3570
Bucchi, Ray Zoning Officer 609-989-3549
Bullock, Ken Housing Inspector 609-989-3586
Buzugbe, Michael Housing Inspector 609-989-3569
Downs, Joseph Plumbing Inspector 609-989-3547
Figueroa, Michelle Housing Inspector 609-989-3584
Gonzalez, Eliezer Code Enforcement Officer - Taxi 609-989-3592
Guarnieri, Henry Building Subcode Official 609-989-3550
Hale, Marcus Housing Inspector 609-989-3535
Halliday, James Fire Protection Inspector 609-989-3554
Jones, Dorothy Keyboarding Clerk 1 609-989-3585
Leon, Edward Housing Inspector 609-989-3591
Martin, Leonard Senior Housing Inspector 609-989-3524
Martinez, Moises Housing Inspector 609-989-3564
McCormick, Scott Acting Fire Subcode Official 609-989-3553
McCray, Kimberly Technical Assistant to the Construction Official 609-989-3550
Midura, Margie Technical Assistant to Construction Official 609-815-2177
Ochola, Crystal Keyboarding Clerk 1 609-989-3557
Rawls, Clifford Housing Inspector 609-989-3577
Snyder, Robert Construction Official/Electrical Sub Code Official 609-989-3587
Jackson, Lorenzo Superintendent, Weights & Measures 609-989-3282
Vazquez, Yolanda Chief Housing Inspector 609-989-3542
Villanueva, Noemi Keyboarding Clerk 1 609-989-3585
Wyckoff, James Electrical Inspector 609-989-3543