Office of Citizen’s Concerns

The Mayor’s Office of Citizen Concerns engages in community outreach to ensure that issues most prevalent to the residents of Trenton are being addressed in a timely manner.  The Office serves as an outlet for residents to report challenges in their neighborhoods, ranging from potholes and noise complaints to questions about City services.  In turn, the Office helps to connect residents with the appropriate Department or individual within City government who can best address those needs.

The Office also serves as a connection point for City residents to engage their local government and to the Mayor’s Office.  The Office is headed by Mr. Andrew Bobbitt, who also serves in an advisory capacity to Mayor Gusciora.  With Mr. Bobbitt’s knowledge of the City, its neighborhoods, and its people, there is no one better to address genuine community concerns from the perspective of those who experience Trenton’s unique challenges.

  1. Andrew Bobbitt

    Aide to Mayor