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1. Am I exempted because I’ve had a DCA inspection?
2. How does one obtain a historical permit?
3. How long does it take for plan review to be completed?
4. How many sets of architectural plans must be submitted for compliance with the building code?
5. I am a tenant. Can I schedule the inspection or do I need to have the owner of the property call?
6. I am the owner of the property but I currently live there. Do I still need an inspection?
7. I have a question not listed on this list. Who can I call?
8. My property is unoccupied. Do I still need an inspection?
9. What building tasks require permits?
10. What happens if any plan is denied?
11. Where can I read the City Ordinances?
12. Why do I need the inspection?
13. Will I need to get heater and chimney certifications?