Who can apply for an affidavit of domestic partnership?

Couples wishing to register for a domestic partnership affidavit must be of the same-sex or opposite-sex age 62 or older and meet the following requirements of the Domestic Partnership Act. The affidavit must be completed and signed by both applicants at the office of the municipality in which you apply. The affidavit will be notarized at that time.

If the address is outside New Jersey, one of the applicants must provide proof of belonging to the State Administrative Retirement System of New Jersey presenting one of the following documents issued by the Division of Pensions and Benefits:

  • 1099 R - Recent or previous year
  • Certificate of pension membership
  • Personal Benefit Statement - Recent or previous year

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1. Who can apply for an affidavit of domestic partnership?
2. What are the documents required to apply for a domestic partnership?
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