Objectives and Summary

This project provides an emergency response to Covid-19 and the racial challenges in Public Administration in Trenton's Municipality by creating a unified vision and a platform with tools to organize work force in these unprecedent times adequately. This project delivers an auditing instrument and evaluation tools, together with the design of public policies that address all these emergency response aspects.


Provide the City of Trenton with analyses and tools to support civil servants' work engagement and mental health and well-being, which are critical to the city's success in managing Covid-19 challenges and the transition towards a post-COVID time. 

  • Auditing Civil Servants Work Engagement and Mental Health in Covid-19 times 
  • Measuring the role race plays in the delivery of public services 
  • Design public policies for Civil Servants' mental health and work engagement- work settings, transition strategies, and various stakeholders' involvement, in collaboration with the Office of Mayor. 

Support the City of Trenton is designing public policies towards companies, entrepreneurs, and small businesses with economic activity in Trenton. The Municipality supports them in the transition towards a successful return to full activity. 

  • Design and distribute Survey to the SME and other employers active in the City of Trenton 
  • Design with the Office of the Mayor, public policies that address their personnel-related issues, mainly mental health and work engagement, as a result of Covid-19. 
  • We are capturing the impact of race on business owners' activity. 

Building new capabilities and skills that can address the challenges of Covid-19 and race at the City of Trenton level. 

  • We are designing training and seminars on work motivation, engagement, and mental health at work in Covid-19 for various stakeholders: Police, School, etc. 
  • We are designing training and seminars for business owners active in the City of Trenton.