Public Safety

  • Whenever possible utilize Telephonic Reporting by calling our non-emergency number at (609) 989-4000.  
  • If you have to come to Trenton Police Headquarters we will greet you from behind our glass partition and will conduct business from behind same. If there is paperwork that needs to be exchanged, it will be through the slot in the window. This will include all Records Bureau requests and necessary release paperwork for towed vehicles.
  • If you have had a fever or any other associated symptoms of COVID-19, please DO NOT come into our Headquarters UNLESS IT IS AN EMERGENCY! We are strongly encouraging the use of Phone Call reporting if at all possible.  
  • The police department is suspending all fingerprinting for the next thirty (30) days except for mandatory fingerprinting following an arrest.
  • We will not be hosting tours or conducting community meetings at Trenton Police Headquarters or any other police buildings including the East and West District Buildings. Additionally, we will be limiting our frequency of attending non emergent events. Moreover our Citizens Academy will be temporarily suspended during this time of health concern.