Bid Results - 2014

CC 2014-01 (PDF)
Occupational Health Services
RFP 2014-01 (PDF)
Professional Engineering Services for Environmental Regulatory Compliance Issues
RFP 2014-02 (PDF)
Development and Preparation of Consumer Report
Bid 2014-03 (PDF)
Three McNelius 25 Yard XC Rear Loader with 3.585 Yard Tailgate or Equivalent
RFP 2014-03 (XLS)
Private Collection of Municipal Court Debt
Bid 2014-04 (PDF)
Water Service Repair, Replacement and Disconnect Contract
RFP 2014-04 (XLS)
LSPR to Conduct a Supplemental Remedial Investigation and Related Work at a Former Gasoline Station Located at 230 N Hermitage Avenue, Trenton, NJ
Bid 2014-05 (XLS)
Data Entry Position
RFP 2014-05 (XLS)
Evaluate, Inspect and Design Systems, and Pre-Bid Specifications for (Phase 3) Rehabilitation of the Historic Delaware Inn Located at 1024 Lamberton Street, Trenton, NJ
RFP 2014-07 (PDF)
Translating and or Interpreting Services
RFP 2014-08 (PDF)
Telephonic Translating Services
RFP 2014-09 (PDF)
Certified Public Accountant
Bid 2014-09 (PDF)
Two Doosan Two Behind Diesel Air Compressor Model P185WJD T41 CFM or Equivalent
Bid 2014-06 (PDF)
Furnish and Deliver Type "K" Soft Copper (ASTMB88) with 200 PSI Maximum Working Pressure Tubing
RFP 2014-06 (PDF)
Legal Services for Foreclosures
Bid 2014-07 (XLS)
Removal of Sludge Solids from Digester Tanks
Bid 2014-08 (PDF)
Stand by Engine Inspection Maintenance
Bid 2014-10 (PDF)
Reconstruction of Montgomery Street
RFP 2014-10
Medical Doctor - Number Bids Received on March 25, 2014
RFP 2014-10C (XLS)
Medical Doctor
RFP 2014-11 (XLS)
Study and Preliminary Basis of Design Report for the Ferric Chloride and Fluoride Solutions Day Tank
RFP 2014-12 (XLS)
Study and Preliminary Basis of Design Report for Controlling and/or Eliminating Discharge from Mechanical Dewatering Facility
Bid 2014-13 (PDF)
Upgrade of Freight Elevator Car Number 3
Bid 2014-14 (XLS)
Revaluation of Real Property for Assessment Purposes
Bid 2014-15 (XLS)
Gun Shot Abatement System
RFP 2014-15 (PDF)
Environmental Engineering and Consulting Roebling Complex
RFP 2014-16 (XLS)
Legal Services for Public Defender for Municipal Court
RFP 2014-21 (PDF)
Conduct Phase II City of Trenton, NJ 250 Master Planning Process
Bid 2014-17 (XLS)
Non-Voice over Internet Protocol Telephone Service Through Centrex or Equivalent
Bid 2014-17 (XLS)
Legal Publications
Bid 2014-20 (XLS)
Crossing Guard Services
RFP 2014-20
Nursing Services-Rejected by Resolution and Re-Advertised
Bid 2014-21 (XLS)
Powder Activated Carbon
Bid 2014-22 (XLS)
Removal of Stockpiled or Stored Excavated Materials
Bid 2014-22 (PDF)
Rescinded Resolution for Removal of Stockpiled Excavated Materials
Bid 2014-22 (PDF)
Public Health Emergency Prepare Planner
Bid 2014-23 (PDF)
Roadway Restoration for the City of Trenton
RFP 2014-24 (XLS)
Municipal Prosecutors
Bid 2014-24 (PDF)
Roadway Restoration Contract for the Townships
RFP 2014-25 (PDF)
General Municipal and Defense Litigation
Bid 2014-25
Groundskeeping and Maintenance Services-Rejected by Resolution and Re-Advertised
RFP 2014-26 (XLS)
Redesign of the Trenton Small Business Week Website
RFP 2014-26
Redesign of the Trenton Small Business Week - Rejected by Resolution
RFP 2014-27 (XLS)
Public Relations and Program Development for the Trenton Small Business Week
Bid 2014-27 (PDF)
Sidewalks, Curbs and Apron Restoration for Townships
Bid 2014-28 (PDF)
Undirectional Flushing Program, Inspection and Testing Contract
Bid 2014-28
Undirectional Flushing Program, Inspection and Testing - Rejected by Resolution
RFP 2014-28 (PDF)
Nursing Services
Bid 2014-29 (XLS)
Install Lime Pump Swing
RFP 2014-29 (PDF)
Audit Services
RFP 2014-30 (XLS)
Legal Services - Labor and Employment
Bid 2014-30 (PDF)
Sidewalks, Curb Driveway Apron Restoration
RFP 2014-31 (PDF)
Laboratory and Water Quality Consulting Services
Bid 2014-31 (XLS)
Summer Feeding Program for 2014
Bid 2014-33 (XLS)
Two Current Ford F-150 4WD Pick Up Trucks
RFP 2014-33 (PDF)
Humane Care Services of Animals for the Trenton Animal Shelter
RFP 2014-34 (XLS)
Legal Services - Worker's Compensation Defense Counsel
Bid 2014-34 (PDF)
Printing and Mailing Services
Bid 2014-36 (XLS)
Pool Management Services
RFP 2014-36 (PDF)
Financial Consultant
Bid 2014-37 (XLS)
Dense Graded Aggregate Base Course
RFP 2014-37 (PDF)
Professional Engineering Services as a Consulting Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment
RFP 2014-38 (PDF)
Traffic Engineering Services as a Consultant to the Planning Board and Zoning Board of Adjustment
Bid 2014-38 (XLS)
Cold Patch Bituminous Stockpile Patching Material/Temporary Patchite
Bid 2014-39 (XLS)
Preventive and Inspections RDP Technologies
RFP 2014-39 (PDF)
Counsel and Litigation Services as Attorney to the Planning Board
RFP 2014-39 (PDF)
Rejected Resolution to Provide Counsel and Litigation Services to the Planning Board
RFP 2014-40 (PDF)
Professional Planning Services as a Consultant to the Planning Board-Zoning Board of Adjustment
Bid 2014-40 (XLS)
Basis Concrete Sand Back Fill Materials
RFP 2014-41 (PDF)
Consultant Services to Prepare City's 2015 to 2019 Consolidated Plan
RFP 2014-42 (PDF)
Bond Counsel
Bid 2014-42 (XLS)
Furnish and Deliver of FOB Bank Run Sand and Gravel Backfill Materials
RFP 2014-43 (PDF)
Financial Advisory Services
Bid 2014-43 (PDF)
Four Connect Xl Vans
Bid 2014-44 (PDF)
Scrap Water Meters
RFP 2014-44 (PDF)
Information System Assessment and Audit
RFP 2014-45 (PDF)
Environmental Engineering Former Mercer Bus Garage
Bid 2014-46 (PDF)
Hazmat CBRNE Equipment for the Fire Department and Emergency Services
RFP 2014-46 (PDF)
Professional Environmental Planning Services
Bid 2014-47 (PDF)
Excavate and Dispose of Contaminated Soil and Conduct Related Remedial Actions at the Former Kwik Kleen Dry Cleaners
RFP 2014-47 (PDF)
Intersection of S Clinton Avenue, Market Street/Greenwood Avenue
RFP 2014-48 (XLS)
Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant
Bid 2014-48 (PDF)
Paper Good Products for the City of Trenton
Bid 2014-49 (PDF)
Whitehorse Tank Improvement Project
RFP 2014-50 (XLS)
Environmental Engineering Former American Bilrite Rubber Company
Bid 2014-50 (PDF)
Furnish and Delivery of Water Main and Accessories
Bid 2014-51 (PDF)
One Model Case 580N Loader/Backhoe or Equivalent with Quick Coupler Hydraulic Hammer and Accessories
Bid 2014-52 (XLS)
Labor, Tools, Materials to Retro-Fit New Holland Loader
Bid 2014-53 (PDF)
One Ford F-550 Diesel Extended Cab 4-wheel-drive Rawson Service Utility Truck
Bid 2014-54 (XLS)
Removal of Existing Roof System and Installation of a New Roof System
Bid 2014-56 (PDF)
Fire Alarm System Integration for Trenton Water Filtration Plant
Bid 2014-57 (XLS)
Basic Rope, Rigging and Rescue Training for Fire Department and Emergency Services
Bid 2014-58 (XLS)
Door Replacement at Roebling Site 675 Roebling Avenue
Bid 2014-59 (PDF)
Cleaning Services at Trenton Water Works
Bid 2014-60 (PDF)
Groundskeeping Services
Bid 2014-61 (PDF)
Generator Maintenance
Bid 2014-62 (PDF)
Removal and Disposal of Empty Drums
Bid 2014-63 (PDF)
Removal and Beneficial Reuse and Disposal Services for Removal of Water Treatment Residuals for Trenton Water Works
Bid 2014-65 (XLS)
Youthstat Summer Youth Employment Program Management and Counseling
Bid 2014-64 (XLS)
Combination Sewer Vacuum
Bid 2014-67 (XLS)
Furnish and Deliver Sodium Hypochlorite
Bid 2014-70 (PDF)
Metropolitian 94 Fire Hydrant Parts and Accessories
Bid 2014-71 (PDF)
Install Kennel Runs and Feline Cages at the Trenton Animal Shelter
Bid 2014-72 (XLS)
Powder Activated Carbon
Bid 2014-73
Door Replacement at Roebing Machine Shop, 675 S Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ
Bid 2014-76 (PDF)
Water System Improvements, Hamilton Township Phase III - Cleaning and Lining of Water Mains
Bid 2014-77 (PDF)
Undirectional Flushing Program - Flushing of Seven Areas
Bid 2014-78 (PDF)
Removal of Stockpiled or Stored Excavated Materials
Bid 2014-79 (XLS)
Two Ford F-150 Trucks or Equivalent
Bid 2014-80 (PDF)
Security Guard Services for Trenton Water Distribution Complex
Bid 2014-81 (XLS)
Cathodic Protection Services
CC 2014-02 (PDF)
Occupational Health Services
CC 2014-03 (XLS)
Insurance Broker
CC 2014-06 (PDF)
Worker's Compensation Managed Care Services