Bid Results - 2015

BID2015-01 (PDF)Security Guard Services
RFP2015-01 (PDF)
Development and Preparation of the Consumer Confidence Report
BID2015-02 (PDF)
Curb Box Materials
RFP2015-02 (PDF)Housing Consultants for the Rehabilitation Programs
BID2015-03 (XLS)
Cathodic Protection Services
RFP2015-03 (PDF)City of Trenton Parking Garage Management Plan
Laboratory Chemical Supplies-No Bids Received
REBID2015-04B (PDF)Laboratory Chemical Supplies II
RFP2015-04 (PDF)
Psychologist Screening Provider for Trenton Police Department
BID2015-05 (XLS)
Furnish and Deliver Bacteriological Supplies
RFP2015-05 (PDF)
Engineering, Design and Construction Inspection Services for the Replacement of HVAC System/Controls at Fire Headquarters and Engine 9
BID2015-06 (XLS)
Cleaning Services at Trenton Water Works
RFP2015-06 (PDF)
Engineering, Design Construction of the Roof at the Trenton Police Headquarters
BID2015-07 (XLS)
Disassembly of Seven Pumps
RFP2015-07 (PDF)
To Perform Consulting Services for Construction (SCADA) System Upgrades and Replacements
BID2015-08 (PDF)Energy Efficient Vending Machines
RFP2015-08 (PDF)
Certified Public Accountant (Trenton Municipal Court)
BID2015-09 (PDF)
Uniforms for City of Trenton Police Department
BID2015-10 (PDF)For the Furnishing and Delivery of Cooper Tubing
RFP2015-09 (PDF)Translating and Interpreting Services (Trenton Municipal Court)
RFP2015-10 (PDF)
Telephonic Translating and/or Interpreting (Trenton Municipal Court)
BID2015-11 (PDF)
Preventative Maintenance and Inspection of the RDP Technologies Tekkem Lime Slaking Systems
RFP2015-11 (PDF)The Creation of a Branding Marketing Campaign
BID2015-12 (PDF)Taylor Valve Roadway Boxes
RFP2015-12 (PDF)Graphic Design and Creative Services
RFP2015-13Administer the Trenton Capital Revolving Loan Fund-No RFP's Received
BID2015-14 (PDF)
60-6.5 Foot Strands of Steel Reinforced Polyurethane Chain
RFP2015-14 (XLS)
Legal Services-Public Defender
BID2015-15 (PDF)
Paper Good Products
RFP2015-15Medical Doctor-No Proposals Received-Will Be Re-Advertised
RFP2015-15C (PDF)
Medical Doctor
Repair of One Gmc 2005-R300 Pothole Repair Truck-No Bids Received-Will Be Re-Advertised (2 Times)
RFP2015-15 (PDF)Environmental Engineering Services for Hetzel Field Park
RFP2016-16 (PDF)Chains and Flights
RFP2015-17 (PDF)Municipal Audit Services
BID2015-17 (XLS)
Unpublished Items and Parts for a 100Ft Tractor
BID2015-18 (XLS)
Furnishing and Delivery of Bacteriological Supplies
RFP2015-18 (XLS)
Legal Services for General Municipal and Defense Litigation
BID2015-19 (XLS)
Cleaning Services for 509 Perry Street, Trenton, New Jersey
RFP2015-19 (XLS)
Legal Services for Labor and Employment Services
BID2015-20 (XLS)
Municipal Hopper Spreader
RFP2015-20 (PDF)Legal Services for Foreclosures
RFP2015-21 (PDF)
Legal Advisory Services for City Council
BID2015-21 (PDF)
Mill and Pave Sections of North Olden Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey
BID2015-22 (XLS)
Retrofit/Install Rotary Arm Distributor Bearing Replacement
RFP2015-22 (PDF)
Engineering, Design and Construction Inspection Services for Structural Improvements to Firehouse Apparatus Floors at Engine Number 6 and 7
BID2015-23 (PDF)
Elevator and Chair Lift Preventative Maintenance
RFP2015-23 (PDF)
Legal Services-Municipal Prosecutors
RFP2015-24 (PDF)Bond Counsel Services
BID2015-24 (PDF)
Replacement/Repair of the RDP Tekkem Lime Slaking System Fine Grit Classifier
RFP2015-25 (PDF)
Financial Advisory Services
RFP2015-26 (PDF)
Trenton Employment Policy Coordinator
BID2015-27 (XLS)
Summer Feeding Program from June 27, 2015 to August 28, 2015
BID2015-28 (PDF)Summer Pool Management Program
RFP2015-28 (XLS)
To Conduct a Preliminary Assessment at the Former New Method Cleaners 300 to 310 Prospect Street, Trenton, New Jersey
RFP2015-29 (PDF)
To Administer the Trenton Capital Revolving Loan Fund
BID2015-30 (XLS)
Sensus Water Meter
BID2015-31 (PDF)HVAC Preventive Maintenance for Trenton Water Works
RFP2015-31 (PDF)Engineering and Construction Inspection Services Fiscal Year 2016 Roadway Improvements Project
BID2015-32 (PDF)Electric Motor Services
BID2015-33 (XLS)
Emergency Electrical Services and Repairs
RFP2015-32 (PDF)Flexible Spending Account, Online Enrollment System and Supplemental for the City of Trenton Employees
RFP2015-33 (PDF)Valve Assessment, Inspection Operation Preparing the Report for Trenton Water Works
RFP2015-35 (PDF)
Professional Environmental Services for Preparation of the 2013, 2014 and 2015 Annual Right to Know Surveys
BID2015-36 (XLS)Furnishing and Delivery of 15% Sodium Hypochlorite
BID2015-35 (XLS)
Furnish and Deliver Copper Sulfate
RFP2015-36 (PDF)Financial Consultant for the Department of Administration
BID2015-37 (PDF)
Construction for Replacements of Sidewalks, Driveway Aprons and Curbs
RFP2015-37 (PDF)
Humane Care Services of Animals for the Trenton Animal Shelter
Reconstruction of South Clinton Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey-No Bids Received
RFP2015-38 (PDF)Architectural Design Services for the Repair and Rehabilitation of the Reading Senior Center
RFP2015-39 (PDF)Engineering, Design and Construction Inspection Services Fy2016 Roadway Improvements
RE-BID2015-40B (PDF)Furnishing and Delivery of Bacteriological Supplies for a Period of One Year
RFP2015-40 (PDF)Financial Advisory Services
RFP2015-41 (PDF)
Bond Counsel
RFP2015-42 (PDF)
Laboratory &Water Quality Consulting Services(PW-WU)
BID2015-41 (PDF)Daily Removal and Disposal of Liquid Sludge from Digester Tank for Trenton Sewer Utility
BID2015-42 (XLS)
Uniform Rental Services for a Period of Three Years for Trenton Sewer Utility
BID2015-43 (XLS)
Mechanical Dewatering Facility Polymer System Improvements
RFP2015-43 (PDF)
To Provide Application Software Support and Maintenance for the Edmunds and Associates Financial Package
BID2015-44 (PDF)
Annual Water Service Repair, Replacement and Disconnect
BID2015-45 (PDF)
Roadway Restoration for the City of Trenton
BID2015-46 (PDF)
Roadway Restoration for the Townships
BID2015-47 (PDF)Sidewalk, Curb and Driveway Restoration for the Townships
BID2015-49 (PDF)Fire Alarm System Integration for Water Filtration Plant
BID2015-48 (PDF)Sidewalk, Curb and Driveway Restoration for the City of Trenton
BID2015-50 (PDF)One Current Model Ford F-450 Extended Cab 4WD V-10 Gas Engine Service Utility Body Truck or Equivalent
BID2015-51 (XLS)
Duct Cleaning Services at City Hall
BID2015-52 (PDF)Furnishing and Delivery of Sensus IPERL and OMNI C2 Type or Equvalent Water Meters
BID2015-53 (PDF)Analysis of Solid Waste and Wastewater
BID2015-54 (PDF)Re-Advertisement of the Reconstruction of South Clinton Avenue from Greenwood Avenue to Dye Street for the City of Trenton
BID2015-55 (PDF)Trenton ADA Ramp Program
BID2015-56 (PDF)Mill Hill Playhouse Plaza Improvements
BID2015-57 (PDF)Replacement of Horizontal Grit Screw
BID2015-58 (PDF)Belt Filter Press Prevention Maintenance
BID2015-59 (PDF)
Third Floor Partitioning Improvements
BID2015-60B (PDF)Energy Efficient Vending Machines for Trenton Water Works
BID2015-61 (PDF)Furnishing and Delivery of Bank Run, Sand and Gravel
BID2015-62 (XLS)
Furnishing and Delivery of Concrete Sand
BID2015-63 (XLS)
Furnishing and Delivery of Dense Graded Aggregate Base Course (D.G.A.B.C)
BID2015-65Engineering and Construction Services for the Design and Construction of Roadway Ponding Corrections at Various Locations in the City of Trenton-No Bids Received Will Re-Advertise
BID2015-65BEngineering and Construction Services for the Design Construction of Roadway Ponding Corrections at Various Locations in the City of Trenton-No Bids Received Will Re-Advertise
BID2015-67 (XLS)
Supply Temporary Butiminous Patching Material Cold Patch
BID2015-69 (PDF)Drum Removal
BID2015-70 (PDF)Furnishing and Delivery of Coagulant
BID2015-74 (PDF)Ewing&Lawrenceville Tank Rehabilitation
BID2015-75 (PDF)
Generator Maintenance
BID2015-76 (PDF)
Power Generator for Fire Station
BID2015-78 (PDF)Removal of Spoiled Stockpiled Excavated Materials
BID2015-79 (PDF)
Furnishing and Delivery of Allied Colloids Percol L27 Polymer or Equivalent
BID2015-80 (PDF)
Furnishing and Delivery of Potassium Permanganate or Equivalent
BID2015-81 (PDF)Furnishing and Delivery of Liquid Chlorine
BID2015-82 (PDF)
Air Vacuum Handling Services for a Period of 10 Months
BID2015-83 (PDF)
Furnishing and Delivery of Copper Tubing F.O.B. for a Period of One Year with an Option to Extend One Year
BID2015-84 (PDF)
Two McNeilus Loaders
BID2015-85 (PDF)
Stabilization of the Historic Delaware Inn
BID2015-86 (PDF)One White 28 Passenger 2016 Ford E450, Simple Shuttle Omni Bus or Equivalent
BID2015-87 (PDF)
Emergency Generator Radiator Cores Replacement
BID2015-88 (PDF)
Consulting Services for the Annual COC Application Preparation
BID2015-89 (PDF)Reconstruction of S Clinton Avenue from Greenwood Avenue to Dye Street
BID2015-90 (PDF)Reconstruction of South Broad Street
BID2015-91 (PDF)Repair 33 High Lift Pump Motor
BID2015-92 (PDF)
Powdered Activated Carbon
BID2015-93 (PDF)
Fluorosilicic Acid
BID2015-94 (PDF)
Disconnection of Water Services
BID2015-95 (PDF)Metropolitan-94 Fire Hydrants Parts and Accessories
BID2015-96 (PDF)
Duct Cleaning Services at Trenton Police Department
BID2015-97 (PDF)
Uniforms for Trenton Police Department
BID2015-98 (PDF)
Disinfection Upgrades Project
BID2015-99 (PDF)
Demolition and Repair