Programs & Activities

The Department of Recreation, Natural Resources, and Culture supports dozens of programs and activities throughout the year. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly. As the program and/or activity nears links will be set for more detailed information.

Virtual Field Trips

Online Games and Activities

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Indoor Activities

  • Parent/Child Activities
  • Waste Paper Shootout
  • Crumple up paper that needs to be recycled to make mini-basketballs. Give each kids their own waste basket and have your own 3-point competition! Go for one-minute rounds and play music to make it more fun.
  • Hand Soccer
  • Find a 3-4 inch stress ball, use couch cushions to make boundaries and goals. Players play on hands and knees, and you can only move the ball by hitting it with your hand! (Remember to remove any fragile objects including picture frames from the room.)
  • Learn to Dance
  • Go to YouTube, find a popular dance, and learn it as a family.
  • Indoor Treasure Hunt
  • Hide things around the house, make a map, and have your children try to locate everything.
  • Plastic Bottle Bowling
  • Use a tennis ball and empty bottles to make a bowling lane
  • Tornado in a Jar
  • Using a clear, round bottle or jar, have the kids fill it with water and dish soap. Then let them shake it to make a tornado.