Public Property Auction

Government Surplus Real Estate Auction

90+ Parcels Throughout Trenton

  • Monday, December 6, 2021 @ 9:00am (Early Bidding Begins)
  • Tuesday, December 7, 2021 @ 10:00am for Redevelopment Sites only @ 12:00pm for Commercial And Residential Lots only
  • Wednesday, December 8, 2021 @ 10:00am for Residences/Structures only @ 12:00pm for Five Year Owner Occupied only

Trenton Auction List with Photos

Trenton Auction List

Resolution 21-476- Authorizing the Public Auction of Certain City-Owned Properties  


Residential Buildings, Residential Lots, Multi-Family Opportunities, Redevelopment Sites and Commercial Sites


Renovation Opportunities throughout the city for Investors, Developers and End-User buyers.



10 REDEVELOPMENT SITES: Commercial and Residential Sites Former Cook School, Former Church, Mixed-Use, and Commercial Opportunities 


25 COMMERCIAL AND RESIDENTIAL LOTS: Stand-Alone or Adjacent Lots Packaged Together 



48 RESIDENCES/STRUCTURES: Rehab Opportunities for Investors, Builders and Rehab Specialists 


10 FIVE YEAR OWNER OCCUPIED: Opportunities for the End User Buyers 


Trenton is the State and County Capital and offers History, Culture, Entertainment, Industry, Arts and Education. National and Local Economic Incentive Programs are available to help you invest in the Capitol City.


35 Christoph Avenue has been removed for the Public Auction.  39 Christoph Avenue is valid, separate and apart from 35 Christoph Avenue.


For a list of properties and google map of property locations visit the Trenton auction page.


Questions? Call 888-299-1438 or email 


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Join the bidders club, click on the acknowledgement email link, then click on the large red button on the left side of the auction page to download the property information package. 


Redevelopment Sites-December 7th

10 Commercial and Residential Sites

Former Cook School, Former Church, Mixed-Use, and Commercial Opportunities

Open House Schedule for these properties is available on  

682 Dr. MLK Jr Blvd

40 Cuyler Ave

Former School

350 Spring St

Commercial and Residential Lots

December 7th

25 Stand-Alone or Adjacent Lots Packaged Together

360-366 S. Olden Ave

523-527 Pennington Ave

17-23 Dickinson St


December 8th

48 Rehab Opportunities for Investors, Builders

and Rehab Specialists 

1261 & 1263 E. State St.

429 Chestnut Ave

179 & 185 Monmouth St.


December 8th

10 Opportunities for the End User Buyers

Open House Schedule for these properties is available on 

249 Euclid Ave

146 Sherman Ave

1258 E. State St.